This morning, my unit tackled the hike up Mt Jack, feet aching and the sun blazing down on us. It was quite a challenge, and one that we all conquered together. At the top of the mountain, we enjoyed our lunch under the golden sunshine, chatting with some Australian scouts and trading gear. Everywhere you looked you could see scouts laughing and chatting with each other, sharing their cultures and talking about their jamboree experiences.

We spent some time exploring the activities and displays on Mt Jack, before hiking back down the beautiful green mountain. The hike down was much easier than the way up, and we had time to enjoy the nature around us, singing songs and enjoying the scenery.

When I arrived back at our site, I headed straight over to the charging station to charge up my phone. It was my first time using the stations, and it was interesting to see how they worked. The stations have tons of cubbies with cords, and you simply connect your device and wait for it to charge up. While waiting, scouts were sitting together and talking, giving each other riddles to solve, and asking questions about each other’s cultures.

As the sun sets over the second day at the world jamboree, my feet are aching and I am wishing I had more than twelve days to explore this camp.



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