Salesioh is a prime example of a scout leader who has changed the lives of many children. He lives in Kenya and first heard of scouting while in primary school when he saw a book about scouting. In secondary school, he could finally join a scout group and he was an enthusiastic scout from the beginning.

After secondary school, he studied to become a police officer. He told us that he was only accepted to the police school because of being in the scouts and later he got many promotions and praises for being a scout. “Scouting has changed my life for the better and I would not be who I am without scouting.”

During his studies, he joined the police band and began playing musical instruments, singing, and composing. Salesioh realized the great impact that music can have on the lives of people and returned to his secondary school to found two amazing scout groups, one of which is The Endebess Special School. This scout group is special because membership is limited to children with walking disabilities and leg amputations.

Salesioh makes scouting available to these children by taking a different approach to scouting, making music and educational games the main activities of the group. He really wants to share his love for music and scouting with the Kenyan children. He loves that the children can create something with their hands and can be part of something amazing.

Salesioh said “Scouting is the better part of my life” and he wants to pass on his love for it. He is very grateful that he saved up all the money he had to be at the Jamboree because he sees it as an opportunity to learn things and soak up experiences to later give it back to the children in Kenya. His favorite place to be is the chat n chew where he can see all the different board games and gets to know new people. Salesioh is returning to Kenya with some gifted clarinets and flutes and he could not be happier about it.

Salesioh shows a way of making scouting available for everyone and gives every child the opportunity to join a scout group.

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