Today at the summit stories , I had the opportunity to learn about Multiculturalism.  Dr Mario Diaz Martinez told us that the Multiculturalism is both a descriptive concept and a type of policy for responding to cultar diversity , so it is about culture and about power .
At the heart of Multiculturalism : the need to manage diversity at all levels , education and scouting play a significan role in here.
Multiculturalism is also about developing new models of democratic citizenship , grounded in human right ideals .
Multiculturalism is concerned with mutual cultural acceptance and mutual cultural respect but also attemps to find a common ground to reconcile cultural diversity with civil cohesion. But there is not a single doctrine on how this is to be done : multiculturalism is still a controversial issue in many countries and societies .
Multiculturalism does not only require toleration of others , but finding ways of mutual cooperation and cultural engagement between communities and individuals at all levels of society .
I also had the opportunity to hear about different stories of scouting from wonderful people and its impact on societies.

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