This evening was so awesome! A friend of mine and I went to eat with Ethiopian people. At half past six, Alvin (also a global ambassador) met us at the foxtrot tower and took us to his campsite. We immediately felt very cozy and welcome. We sat down and talked a while. We learned a lot about Ethiopia; that the flag changed, that there is a wildly growing flower called adey abeba, that the 11th of September is their new year and that they have special tiny cups to drink coffee. They make their coffee in special wooden cans.

After a while, we got some branded nuts, which are called Kolo. It tasted pretty awesome, but also familiar. Than we got Chiko, a sticky and strong kind of cake. In my opinion this tasted horrible, but in Ethiopia they like it a lot. It was very spicy and dry too. We had to drink a lot of Apple juice before the taste got away.

We finally got shyro. This were pitas with a kind of sauce which tastes like peanuts with spices. It was so delicious! We ate a lot of it! They gave us tea with cinnamon and other spices in it, which was also very delicious! They came to us with two instance sticks. It was a typical scent of Ethiopia which they use to expel the cooking smell.It was very nice. Finally they let us smell beans which were roasted. They always do this before they drink traditional coffee.

At last all the girls began to dance, we had to dance too. They were very rhythmic and we, Dutch girls, were very overwhelmed because we don’t dance like this in the Netherlands. We danced with them, which was so nice! Even the boys danced together with us and more and more people were coming to dance. We liked it very much and we will dance with them another day again!

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