Today, I started my day at 5:30am. I ran up the hill to meet the two other Lebanese global ambassadors so we could go join the rest of the global ambassadors at the Scott summit center. Then we all went to get harnessed to go down the canopy. The cold morning breeze refreshed our faces and the view left us speechless as we went down the zip lines through the high tree branches. I then proceeded to run back to my basecamp on an empty stomach. Our batch was headed to Mount Jack. I quickly changed into my hiking shoes, tied my fanny pack around my waist and shoved the milk and cereal down my throat in a blink. As we hiked on the muddy path between the tall trees I felt myself drifting away from my reality. My soul was wandering as my sore feet carried me through the woods. Crickets were humming and birds were chirping. The butterflies are so much bigger than the ones at home! When we got to the top we all were exhausted. But that didn’t stop us from waiting in line for the spartan race. We ran through mud and rocky roads as we laughed and raced competitively. At the end, we all got the spartan necklace. We were all as happy as we were exhausted!



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