Today we’ve had a group activity; we went to Mount Jack, a mountain near our reserve.

Of course we had to walk to the top. But unfortunately, we first had a one hour walk to the mountain. It took us 50 minutes to get to the top. We walked the whole way through the woods, which made it not very hot.

At the top you can do several activities. They had recreated a village from 1910, with tents they used in that time. At every tent they gave us information about boy scouts, pre-scout influences, equipment, camping and cooking, etc. You could also play games from that time.

At the top they had also made several things from wood, like bridges and a swing. You could also throw with knives and axes, black powder shooting, rope making and so much more.

At one point, you can see a beautiful view. You can look far away, and you can even find subcamp Foxtrot, which is located in the middle of the woods.



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