All base camps have had the opportunity to go to Mount Jack, what an amazing experience it was! The Mt. Jack experience includes many different activities such as tomahawk and knife throwing, the spartan race and a campfire! The activities were a great experience for everyone as they got to do things that you wouldn’t usually get to do. My favourite activity was the muzzle rifle shooting because I had never done it before and it was fun and interesting to learn and get to properly load and shoot the guns!
The hike up to Mt. Jack was long and tiering but it was great to be able to spend that time talking to friends and singing songs to make the time pass slightly quicker. The feeling of accomplishment that everyone got when we reached the top of the mountain was amazing and made the walk worth it! Once we reached the top everyone was excited to really get into the Mt. Jack experience and to do all of the activities.
The spartan race is a one mile obstacle course with a second mile as a challenge. The race consists of climbing over walls, climbing ropes, crawling under nets and many other challenging obstacles. It is a big challenge but definitely worth the rewarding feeling at the end! You also receive a prize if you complete it!
Base camp D had a slightly different experience as a lightening warning was issued half way through the day. This meant that everyone had to stay in the sheltered tents for about an hour, staying in the tents was humid and cramped but so much fun. Everyone was talking to each other and getting to know new people. Each country sang a campfire song and everyone joined in, we the put some music on a speaker and had a great sing along! All in all, despite the weather, we had a great day and made some new friends and awesome memories!
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