World Jamboree is winding down, and its almost time to go home. How will you remember the Jamboree? Some have lots of pictures, some have things like neckers, badges, or bags, some have kept a daily journal. For some, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity – savor every moment.

As you wrap up your final days at the Jamboree, use your senses: Smell, Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound, and Feelings. Then try some of the following…

Take inventory of everything you have collected. Who did you get that “thing” from, what was the conversation, where were you when it happened? Write it down, on the item or in a list.

Close your eyes, and “see” some of the places you have been. Was it light or dark out, was it far in the distance or close up, were you in a group or off with just a buddy? Could you smell something (pleasant or gross)?

Stay connected with those you have met. Get an email address or phone number. Connect on NOVUS or social media.

Remember how each activity, each encounter, made you feel. Excited, happy, nervous, scared, uncomfortable, or did you take the lead?

Be in the moment, this moment RIGHT NOW. Don’t think about what is next or how long the line is. Be mindful take in the surroundings, the people, the languages. What color is the grass, is it hot, what is the Scout in front of you wearing, what is that smell?

Whatever you need to do to help you remember the Jamboree, DO IT. This only comes around every four (4) years. No one knows where they will be four years from now, but you know where you are right now, this second. It is at the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

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