Yesterday I slept in longer than usual and it was worth it. I loved the sensation of just relaxing, the jamboree is amazingĀ  but it’s great to take a minute and breath. All morning I helped clean camp and I took the time to wash all my clothes which was needed. In the afternoon our unit met up at the UK food house to celebrate a members birthday, everyone was treated to an ice cream which in the sun was much needed.
After we left the food house myself and my patrol walked to unit 88 as we were having an exchange dinner at theirs. Half of each unit went to the other unit. It was great to leave camp and to talk to people I wouldn’t talk to and also ones I haven’t seen In ages. The food was good, I liked it. They cooked for us chicken in coke so they cooked the chicken with actual coca cola which at a scout camp is incredibly difficult, so I had alot of respect for them and it was nice aswell. After I had dinner I walked back to my camp and went to bed early as I was very tired.
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