After Ronja and I ate lunch we started to the scuba diving. We walked from our Subcamp C to the bus station and took the red bus to the pools. The bus driver was very kind and helped us to get off at the right station. The sun was very hot so we decided to get a cold drink at the snack station nearby. I took a coke light and Ronja choose skittles and a coke and as we paid I saw that the cashiers name was Annabelle. The spelling were like mine and as she noticed it she were very happy. We talked about the meaning of it. It’s from France and it means beautiful Anna (“belle” means beautiful in French). We also talked about stupid nicknames we got from classmates like the horror movie “Annabelle” or “Babybelle”. She hugged me and it felt like we were kinda connected because we had the same problems with our name for the whole life. She is 17 years old like me and her birthday is very close to mine. We took a picture together and I promised to meet her again. Let’s go and visit her near the pools. If you’re there, be nice and say that you’ve seen this post.

After the stop at the snack station Ronja and I went to the scuba diving here we changed in our swimsuits and got in the line. The guys at the waiting line were very nice and we also got a picture with them. After we got our backpacks into a shelter and our feets washed, we showered and got to the pool. There were three rules we had to follow: the first one was “just not stop breathing”, the second one was “just go over the surface if you’re scared” and the last one was “don’t pee in the pool”. We got easily through the instruction training and went into the pool. The staff helped me with my diving equipment and I went straight under water. It was a great feeling to be able to breath under water and as Ronja was ready, we explored the pool and tried the different diving signs. We really enjoyed it and I think that we’ll do it again on a hot day, because it’s really refreshing.

After 20 minutes of diving we got out of the pool and got a nice badge which you can see below. We walked home from the scuba diving and I think that we will remember this experience for a long time.

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