When a big event like the World Scout Jamboree takes place, every part of the experience must be organized and everybody has to commit to a system. A perfect example is the Medical system at the World Scout Jamboree. More than 500 medical staffers are organized into 6 base camp medical facilities, 5 program medical facilities, and 7 first aid Stations. Medical facilities are equipped for numerous medical conditions and injuries. When a person needs the help of a medically trained person, the first help on site is the EMS or other Scouts, who will bring the injured person to a medical facility nearby. The first trained medical person onsite is the one who gives first aid and makes a medical judgment on where the person should be taken for treatment. The medical facilities are equipped for a wide range of situations. The Medical Camp at Delta has multiple doctors with different training onsite. If the injury or illness is too complicated or urgent to be treated onsite, both air and ground transportation to a near hospital are available. The system of the Medical team at the World Scout Jamboree is a system full of systems that is spread over the whole camp to guarantee medical help in any situation.

Although up to 300-500 patients are expected every day, the medical staff is equipped and ready to help everyone. Their goal is to make sure everyone gets back on their feet so they do not miss out on the experience of the World Scout Jamboree.

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