This is my third day at the jamboree, and yet it feels like a week. Every day is so full of activity and people. 

Yesterday at 1 pm, the World Scout Jamboree hosted a live stream with the International Space Station, and I was lucky enough to get to watch it. Some of the other global ambassadors even got to ask live questions, to the astronaut (and Scout Leader) in space! Amongst other things, I now know that without gravity, it’s easiest to put on both pant legs at once. 

Afterwards, Aada, a Finnish GA, and I, had a “picnic” in the shade. It’s amazing how fast you make friends at a jamboree. It’s also amazing how many people joined us in the short time we were sitting there. 

Today, I’ve been visiting some of the Contingent tents and there were a few things that caught my attention:

This piano in the Belgian tent:

And in the Peruvian tent, they taught us how to do math like the incans (it’s so cool!).

Tonight I’m going to a Base Camp Bash, an event for subamps A and B. It’s not as big as the ones on the main stage, but I think around 14 000 people might still show up. 

I’m very excited about going, and sharing it with you tomorrow! 


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