I woke up to the sky still dark, and my eyes still aching for more sleep.
This morning I rose early to head over to Water Reality, a floating obstacle course. We headed over before the activity opened, and because of that we were near the front of the line.
Though we had to wake up early, it was well worth it, not just Water Reality, but also the sunrise we got to watch from the bridge. The sky was tinged with golden light as the sun rose above the lake, reflecting onto the water in a fiery glow that made us all stop and snap some photos.
Water Reality was one of the most fun activities I’ve tried at the jamboree so far. It’s also a lot harder then it looks! We scrambled over soaked inflatables, pulling each other up and toppling off the slippery surfaces, laughing the whole time. I’ll never forget how fun it was to slide off the top of the iceberg, whooping with joy as I fall into the water far below me.
Since we got there so early, we had time to do a bunch of other activities. We tried paddleboarding again, and then we went to try scuba.
I’d never been scuba diving before, and it was the strangest experience I’ve ever had. Being able to swim around underwater, while breathing, was just insane. The entire experience was just so different then anything I’ve tried before. You feel a bit like you’re in a different dimension, watching people slowly glide around underwater, while you can breathe exactly the same as if you were above water. I stayed underwater for twenty minutes, which is just crazy. Emerging from the water felt really strange too, since the air was a lot more humid outside then the dry air in the tank.
After scuba we headed down to the ziplines, to see if we could get in. Just as we arrived, though, rain started pouring down, so we hurried for shelter, trying to shield ourselves. A lightning advisory was sent out, so the ziplines were out of the question. The rain started coming down even more, so we headed back to camp, to relax a bit before we had to embark on the next adventure of the day.
For dinner we had unit 43 from England over. They’re coming to my hometown in Canada after the jamboree, so it was awesome to hangout now. We had a blast at the Basecamp bash, and there was even a foam party. They sprayed foam out of giant cannons, and soon everyone was covered in bubbly foam, throwing it at each other and laughing as they danced and slid about.
So the end of the jamboree draws close, and I am equally excited to go home (Hot showers! Air conditioning!) and sad that this wonderful adventure has to end.

We still have a couple days more, and I’m just trying to cram as much into them as possible.


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