Remember how I told you about the day we went to the shooting range and just did briefings because the lines for the actual shooting were too long? Today we went to the shooting range again and we actually got to shoot!

Like any other day at the jamboree, we had to get out of bed pretty early.  If you don’t do that, there’s a big change the activity you want to do is full or that the line is too long, so we woke up at 6.15. It took me a while to actually wake up because it was so early. We made some coffee and tea and packed our lunches. The supermarket wasn’t open yet, so we took some leftover bagels and fruit from yesterday. Then, an hour later, we started walking to the busses that would take us to the shooting range.

We thought we were early, but we were not. There already was a big line. The line got shorter quickly and the waiting wasn’t bad. We made some Norwegian friends actually. They thought us a game which was called shithead. You had to lose all your cards to win, but sometimes when you just didn’t have any luck with your cards, you would get all the carts that everyone already had thrown on top op the stack. You had to throw the cards on the ground, but because of the moving line it wasn’t that convenient.

After an hour, a bus arrived which could bring us to the shooting range. The drive took about 10 minutes. When we got there, we could go to the barrels directly because we did the briefings for the riffle already. The walk to the barrels was really nice. I just love the landscapes here!

There were three types of bullies which we could shoot, so there were three lines. We had to wait for about 20 minutes at the first line, so it moved on pretty quickly. Then one of the instructors came to us. He said we could jump in line at the rifles with the bigger bullets, but that was with a reason. One of my friends twisted her ankle and walked on crutches. We were really happy about the fact that we could jump in line, because the lines took an hour.

The first bullet didn’t have a big kickback, the second had a kickback but not that big and the third bullet had a really big kickback. The last two rifles of course were a little bigger. I had a lot of fun trying it out. I even got a necker because my instructor was really impressed with my shots.

We were done around 11.30, so we had a whole day ahead of us in which we could do a lot! But I’ll tell you more about that in another blog

Bye bye!

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