Dear Head of Contingent,

On behalf of all of Medical Services for the 2019 WSJ may I express our collective gratitude for the honor of serving you, your unit leadership, scouts, and IST from your National Scout Organization.

We believe that the wellness of every Jamboree participant is of utmost importance.  The Summit Bechtel Reserve is a challenging environment – The Jamboree is spread out over 1000 acres in mountainous terrain; it can be physically stressful.  Moreover, we recognize that an event as large and diverse as the WSJ can challenge even the most experienced Scout and, as a result, become a stressful and even highly emotional experience.

To assist us in providing successful first-class care, we have 2 major needs from the World Scouting community –

  • Medical Interpreters/Collaborators
  • Listening Ear Staff

I have attached position descriptions of each position for your reference.

I am personally asking you for your active assistance and collaboration to help recruit IST members for these 2 groups.  These individuals will be embedded as part of the Jamboree Medical IST.  Recruitment for these positions, especially from NSOs outside the US, is critical to a successful operation.  You are the best recruiter for IST members from your NSO.

The Jamboree Medical Plan is comprehensive.  Medical Facilities are located in every Base Camp as well as selected Program Areas.  Listening Ear Stations are located in every sub camp and Centro Mondial.  There are many languages, customs, and cultures represented at the WSJ and this needs to be reflected in Medical Services.

Your assistance in recruiting mature, culturally sensitive, multilingual and experienced IST members from your NSO is critical to our efforts to attract a diverse IST that generally mirrors and understands the composition and challenges of the Jamboree.  

Please see the attached position descriptions for both Medical Interpreters/Collaborators and Listening Ear (LE) IST.  We are looking for 84 Interpreters and 220 LE staff from outside the USA.  I have also attached a promotion IST recruiting flyer that you may circulate.

Any NSO that has IST sign up to serve as a Medical IST member will have their IST allotment increased to accommodate these individuals over and above their original NSO allocation.

Thank you for your help.

Yours in Scouting,

John Lea, MD – Jamboree Medical Director

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