Like for many other states, Charleston is the capital of the state of West Virginia, found in the Northern part of the continent.
The field trip was organised especially for the global ambassadors group. We departed from the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve at half past seven in the morning and headed directly to the town of Charleston. To begin, we first halted at the Archives History Library Museum Theatre. It was a majestic building in which was enclosed and displayed about 600 archives.

On the fourth floor was found its library; a sanctuary of records in which was systematically installed books, articles and other publications. During our visit there, we got a small historic of the evolution of media with time: from glass negatives to new technologies. We’ve also got access to the telegram delivered by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war.


Our second stop over was at the H.Bernard Wehrle , SR. Scouts Centre where we got to dig more in the past of the Boys Scouts of America.

Serving some slices of pizza to all scouts shows the generosity and caring side of scouts.
After that, we had a small boat tour along the river located besides the centre. The panorama was outstanding. The structure of the massive bridge was so spectacular. Inhabitants along the shore were waving on seeing us .

To end our trip, we reached the J.K Dickinson salt manufacturing, a local salt manufacturing artisanal firm. Despite living in a country where salt is manufactured, its was interesting to the method of production there and analyse how they differed. In fact, there the salt is produce in a closed area thermostatic controlled area at a temperature of about 45 °C. This method had been particularly used in order to prevent the formation of calcium which is a component responsible for a bitter taste in the salt.


After the salt has been collected, it is manually filtered and cleaned. The big crystal are kept for further use during snow seasons.

Before our departure, we were allowed to taste its salted caramel: a moment of joy for ourselves!

MRI Jansi

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