July 26, 2019

It’s culture day today! Different countries are coming to the campsites of the Carabao and the Eagle Troop of the Philippines.

In the Eagle Troop, we have prepared the different local delicacies from the Philippines such as dried mangoes, kwakoy (edible plywood), pastillas, pinasugbu (caramelized bananas), and more!


Since some of the scouts brought cards, they were also used to play with scouts from other contingents.


We also had our own trading post where different scouting items and merchandise from the Philippines were displayed for trading.


Some scouts also facilitated in introducing the different traditional Filipino games (Laro ng Lahi) like patintero, tumbang preso (hit the can), and luksong baka (hopping cow).


Meanwhile, in the Carabao Troop, they also had a similar presentation but there were scouts who were wearing traditional Filipino costumes like the Barong Tagalog for male, Filipiñana for female, and also Bahag for males which were usually being worn by the people of Northern Luzon.

The Philippine Contingent may consist of scouts from different council and places all over the country, but together, we stand as one and as strong Filipinos.

From the Philippines, to the world.

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