Today, the 29th of July, I went to the GDV (Global Development Village) where I did some activities and learned a lot. In the process I also earned a badge.

1) Watching a 360° video of a Syrian refugee who travelled through Lebanon to Finland.
2) We visited the WWF tent where I learned about what products I can buy and what I shouldn’t by to help the wildlife.
NB! Look for the WWF logo (a panda) on the things you buy.
3) We sat inside a box listening, writing down and trying do decipher a Morse code.
4/5) I learned from which countries certain products come from, who use the mose and who produce, how can I be sure that the food and merchandie I buy is produced fairly and why do I need to keep an eye on all of that.
NB! Look for the Fairtrade logo (black figure with green and blue around it)

6) Listening and making mind maps about the “He For She” movement (It’s against gender discrimination).
7) Q&A (questions and answers) with a 12-year old refugee fron Syria who now liver in Finland and goes to school there.
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