So first day of Jamboree. To start up I met my global ambassador team. I’ll admit it, I was kind of nervous. Even being and extrovert person it’s difficult to go to a new place with people you dont know from cultures and languages completely different from yours. But it ended up being a great experience because what I forgot was that I was not gonna be the only one nervous. And it felt great knowing people were thinking exacly the same as me, it was a great ice breaker too actually. I ended up meeting lots of new people, nice people, who are interested as much as I am to know all the different cultures. Unlock a new world right?

I later joined my troup so we could go around and spread some of that portuguese magic. The camp is absolutely gigantic and beautiful, almost like they build a new country where everyone’s a scout. I dont know if I’ll be able to see everything, I hope I do. I got the opportunity to go to my first kpop show, wich was something I always wanted to do and all I can say it’s that it lived up to the expectations and I can say I’m glad I spent the last two years listening to kpop

To end this amazing first day we carried the flags from all countries to the stage.

I didn’t get to carry Portugal’s flag because a friend of mine always dreamt of carrying it, but I of course joined the screaming and cheerleading when they called it and I’m actually proud to say I carried the Kazakhstan flag.

It was a short but really cool first day, not to talk about the final cerimony, wich I hate being like all dramatic but I can’t find another word besides breathtaking. It was breathtaking.


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