Five days: That’s how long it took for eleven scouts from France to get from their hometown to the 24th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ). The group called Sud Cevennes started their journey on 17 July to take the first train ride of their trip. The destination was Paris. Even though they had some difficulties along the way (like some of them forgetting their lunches), they safely got to Paris and onto the plane.

From Paris, Benjamin Canovas, Leila Barat, Margaux Pesnel, Ambre Barthelemy, Iola Bracco, Alicia Canovas, Quentin Canovas, Anouk Mouyssel, Julia Teyssier, Oscar Dunais and Eleonore Dunais took a nine-hour flight to New York. While on the flight, they got a beautiful view of the city lights. They spent one night in New York City.

On the following day, the Sud Cevennes took a train and a bus overnight and then spent two days in Fayetteville at a camp. The bus trip was very stressful because there was not enough space for them to be comfortable and sleep.

Even though they felt very tired, the Sud Cevennes still had fun. The funniest story of their travel to the 24th WSJ took place on the plane to New York. They asked the flight attendant to sing happy birthday to one of the group and she complied, “So we were singing Happy Birthday in french and everyone else in the plane was clapping along, it was very cool.”

The group completed their journey by leaving Fayetteville and arriving at the Ruby Welcome Center on 22 July.

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