The Polish troop in base camp C arrived to Jamboree smiling and enthusiastic. They traveled 8 hours by plane with a multi-day layover in New York City and Long Island. The troop finally arrived onsite by bus 13 hours after arriving in New York City. Though the journey was long, they thought it was worth it!

Troop leader Bartosz Atter and participant Franciszek Pokora shared their trip notes with us. Each took slightly different routes, taking in different sights along the way. Most notably was visiting the Brooklyn Bridge and Port Jefferson. One Polish Patrol was able to attend a New York Yankees baseball game, which had a special meaning. Some members of the patrol play baseball at home and loved being able to watch a professional game.

For the scouts and their leaders, it seems that the Jamboree started as soon as they landed in America. They met other scout units from various countries, greeting each other and starting up conversations. “You could feel the scouting spirit in New York already!” exclaimed Bartosz Atter. Both Bartosz and Franciszek expressed that they were looking forward to meeting more scouts while at Jamboree. They were also excited to visit the various program activities like SCUBA and white water rafting.

Mr. Atter shared a story about trying a typical US food – pancakes! During the trip to New York City, they found a restaurant big enough for the whole troop, sitting outdoors in the 35 C (95 F) heat. The heat did not deter them, and they thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes. The troop is planning on making some while at the Jamboree!

While the weather was wet and dreary, nothing could have dampened their spirits. The Polish troop is eager to experience all that Jamboree has to offer.

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