Today was a special day; a limited number of people had the opportunity to talk with astronaut Andrew Morgan, and I was one of them!

At half-past one, the time was there. We connected with space! I was so excited about this because who can say that they have talked to someone in space?

Twenty global ambassadors had to ask a question to the astronaut. My question was; what do you and NASA hope to achieve from this mission? The answer is too complicated to write down, so if you want to hear it, you can look at the live stream on Facebook!

Drew told us a lot about what it’s like to live in space and about his adventures.

He told us that one of the coolest things he has seen in space was simply turning around in his space shuttle, which is possibly due to the gravity (or maybe I should say, the lack of gravity…). Also, the astronaut said that he can’t go outside, which he finds very annoying, and that he can communicate with his family by email or call with a special telephone.

Finally, we asked what the differences are with getting ready in the morning. He told us that this is gravity. You can’t just put pants on. It’s even easier to put two legs at ones in your pants then just one, because otherwise your pants “fly” away….

At last there was also an astronaut at the jamboree itself; Gregory Johnson. He was leading the call and we could also take a picture with him. Everything was so impressive and interesting! I have learned a lot about living in space and the missions of NASA.


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