The 24th World Scout Jamboree is an alliance of three NSOs: Scouts Canada, Asociación de Scouts de México, and Boy Scouts of America. Each of the three co-hosts has a co-chair. Each co-chair has been approved by the national Scouting organization he represents. These three co-chairs are supported by the 2019 World Scout Jamboree executive director.

The co-chairs are part of the Jamboree Executive Team, which includes Mike Scott, Scouts Canada; Omar Lugo, Asociación de Scouts de México; Scott Sorrels, Boy Scouts of America; and Marty Walsh, executive director. The executive director’s office is located in Irving, Texas, USA. The office can be reached by phone at (+1) 972-580-2580 and email at

The organizational structure of the 2019 World Scout Jamboree is based on four pillars, or functions: administration, operations, program, and logistics. Each has a director as the lead individual who is recruited and approved by the executive team. Each director is responsible for the recruiting and planning of their function as well as cross-functional operations and communications.

The Jamboree Management Committee includes the director and assistant directors for each of the four functions, as well as the Jamboree Executive Team. This committee is supported by advisors including but not limited to Dream Team 2, which is composed of nine young adults—three appointed by each of the three co-hosts. Each of the directors of the four functions will be supported by areas. These areas will have area leads and assistant area leads. Each director will recruit their area leads and assistant area leads (upon approval by the Jamboree Management Committee) from a variety of the top leadership available in NSOs around the world that are represented in WOSM. This will ensure a diversified organization. We will introduce you to the leadership of the Jamboree Management team in future issues.

The Jamboree Planning Team includes the area leads and assistant area leads, as well as the members of the Jamboree

Management Committee. Each area will be supported by groups that have team leads and assistant team leads. The Jamboree Delivery Team is composed of these team leads and assistant team leads working under the direction of the full Jamboree Planning Team.

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