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Daily Reflections

Our jamboree theme of Unlock a New World invites us to spend a few moments each day thinking about how our Scouting values can guide our thoughts, beliefs, and actions not only here at the jamboree, but also back home after we leave the jamboree.

We encourage you to take a quiet moment each day to consider these questions and reflect upon your answers. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers; these are your thoughts about your experiences. You may choose to discuss these with a friend, or within your patrol. You may wish to record your thoughts in a journal, either on paper or in a digital tool like the WSJ mobile app. If you feel comfortable, we invite you to share your thoughts with the Reflections team at [email protected] – they may share collected thoughts anonymously with the jamboree as a prompt for further reflection.

Check back each morning for the daily thought for reflection!

  • Monday, 22 July
  • Tuesday, 23 July
  • Wednesday, 24 July
  • Thursday, 25 July
  • Friday, 26 July
  • Saturday, 26 July
  • Sunday, 27 July
  • Monday, 28 July
  • Tuesday, 29 July
  • Wednesday, 30 July
  • Thursday, 1 August
  • Friday, 2 August


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