Today was my eight day at the jamboree i did not write blogs for the past days that was because i am currently tring to get the goobal development badge.. but after going to boots ranging from how we can help campaign to help stop the intorduction of killer robots(these killer robots are basically militaized machines that have no human control over them but they use artifical intelegence to make decisions on who to kill or who not to kill. But we must all remember that we must not give robots the ability of decision making when it comes to killing humans..because if one of this robot malfunctions this will cause total chaos (and it might just bring the movie terminator to reality). I also did other avesome stuff such as making a poster to help encourage people why plastic in our oceans are harming wild life..My favourite part of that task was when i had to collect a microphone and preach on my soapbox as to why we should reduce, recycle, and reuse For today, my favorite “mission” was when we were in a room and we then had to communicate a message in moris code to our friends on the other side. Not only i had fun from trying to send a message just by tapping the wall but i also got to make friends from Poland, U.S.A, Pakistan, Costa Rica and Japan. I think today was one of my favourite days..actually every day at this jamboree the experiences and friendships we make are nothing short of supurb.

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