Today brought even more adventure. Although misty this morning, it soon cleared up! My patrol was on breakfast duty, some of us took a trip to the Costco-style supermarket, making us realise how big the Jamboree really is. 

Me and a friend of mine from my unit challenged ourselves to go out and talk to as many Spanish Speaking units as possible! We had a chat with scouts from Mexico, Spain, Chile and Bolivia, and had a chance to swap badges and even bags! On our way back to camp, we met a scout from Finland, who shared his “Salmiakki” candy (which tastes like salty liquorice!) with us. We struck up a conversation, and we ended up missing our sub camp because we were having such a good chat!

We then experienced kayaking, my friends persuaded me to attempt the advanced course, which paid off as it was so much fun until I managed to capsize! It was all in good fun though, and showed the amazing teamwork scouts have as everyone helped me turn my boat around and get back in! 

This evening consisted of chatting to our unit and playing games on our subcamp, getting to know our neighbours! The atmosphere here is amazing and I can’t wait to make more friends in the next few days!

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