How do you effectively and efficiently tell over 42,000 people what is happening at the jamboree? As part of the Connected Experience area, the Jamboree Communications Team has been committed to helping every youth participant, unit leader, and international service team member “Unlock a New World” before, during, and immediately after the jamboree. Our goal has been to educate, empower, entertain, and inspire you to have the best experience possible.

To the best of our abilities, we provided timely, accurate, and actionable information in French, English, and Spanish about jamboree opportunities and operations. We covered not only upcoming jamboree activities but also lives that were transformed because of the jamboree. Operating out of a few trailers at Basecamp Charlie, we are:

  • Liaison Crew: embedded IST reporters in all program areas to stay informed.
  • Content Crew: followed up on the leads from the liaison crew and wrote, edited, translated, photographed, and took video of the content.
  • Production Crew: responsible for content distribution on the website, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and mobile app.
  • Jamboree App Crew: managed the full-featured mobile app that contains all the information to get the most out of your jamboree experience.
  • JamboChat Crew: managed the platform the jamboree staff used behind the scenes to communicate and collaborate with one another, share files, chat in real-time, or switch to video/audio conferencing.
  • Livestream Crew: produced and streamed two daily newscasts and produced content for jamboree shows, Connected Experience video content, Summit Stories, and Model UN.

Giving credit where credit is due, here is who communicated to you:

Communications Team Leadership

  • Branden Morris – Communications Team Lead
  • Bob Brady – Chief of Staff
  • George Covert – Liaisons Crew Lead
  • Doug Brown – Assistant Liaisons Crew Lead
  • Nathaniel Lim – Content Crew Lead
  • Mitch Leonard – Production Crew Lead
  • Bob Black – Livestream Crew Lead
  • Mike Lano – Assistant Livestream Crew Lead
  • Andrew Collins – Mobile App Crew Lead

Administrative Support

  • Mike Jones
  • John Orolfo
  • Edward Chang

Liaisons Team

  • Anna Szewieczková
  • Christine Chamberland
  • Constanza Huerta
  • Daniel Burgoyne
  • Douglas Brown
  • George Covert
  • Guro Paulsen
  • John Devenport
  • Laura Jaramillo
  • Lucy Tregoning
  • Marcus Lee
  • Valentina Arroyo

Content Team

  • Lara Aboulhosn
  • Nanna Bach Andersen
  • Kandra Arostica
  • Katja Beck
  • Sofia Bertolotto
  • Aiofe Fricker
  • Justin Crisafulli
  • Gyorgy Cselovszki
  • Augustine Breton
  • Sophia Hwang
  • Giovanna Lobato
  • Gabriela Opazo
  • Jan Pacelik
  • Eu-Jin Ooi
  • Charlie Ponting
  • Charles Raimond
  • Brechje van Riten
  • Jan Pesek
  • Laiken Watts
  • Aaron Boekhouder
  • Akihiko Fujiwara

Mobile App Team

  • Nirav Patel
  • Giselle Rioseco
  • Chen Tzer Liew

Production Team

  • Ethan Wolfe
  • Florian Richter
  • Alex Rose
  • Martin Sterba
  • Bedrich Schindler
  • Phillip Weinberger
  • Noshine Wenger
  • Mathidle Terrier
  • Ben Thompson
  • Michael Orr
  • Paula Munoz
  • Rocio Molina
  • Desponia Lazarou
  • Veronica Kubickova
  • Kertu Komulainen
  • Nonoka Kasai
  • Penelope Fiaschetti
  • Neil Olaya
  • Raymond Price

Livestream Team

  • Johan Graftsrom
  • David Blaushild
  • Evie Old
  • Brance Armstrong
  • Bob Brown
  • Bob Kreider
  • Jason van Leewen
  • Hanne Marte Ramsli
  • Aaron Marcus
  • Thomas Daley
  • Tyler Zars
  • Luke Muller
  • Kevin Montano
  • David Long
  • Andrew Skinner
  • Thomas Powell
  • Daniel Dubois
  • Andrew Work
  • Jan Simson
  • Emma Taylor
  • Beatrice Stucchi
  • Zenia Tvedt
  • Sofie Schindelholz
  • Rory Gilmore
  • Jason Burrow
  • Rebecca Doppmann
  • Janouk Sudmeier
  • Santosh Thapa

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