The World Scout Jamboree gives everyone the opportunity to experience as much as possible. Not only the participants participate in different activities, but also IST members, who work everyday to make sure that the youth can enjoy their jamboree.

There are different ways IST members can do activities outside of Jamboree work. The easiest way to take a break from work is to do activities available in camp. A gym, cinema, a cafe, and many other activities are available for all the ISTs to pass their free time and relax. For those interested in sports, ISTs can start pickup games with each other. Live music is available to enjoy during the evenings.

Fun activities are not only available at the base camp – the Summit also has activities for ISTs. The visitor experiences and tours are available as well as daily trainings sessions.

If the ISTs want to get offsite, there are numerous offsite activities planned. Check out the IST Experience HQ at base camp Echo and sign up!

The Jamboree program for the participants is unfortunately not always accessible for ISTs as participants always have priority. The rule is that an IST can try anything as long as the participants do not have to wait because of him/her.
The IST Experience HQ, situated next to the Echo HQ, is always available to answer questions about the IST activities.


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