Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to listen and watch the first ever World Jamboree Band. They have been rocking the base camp bashes as well as performing at the Scouts Own service on Sunday at the AT&T Summit Stadium.

Fifty seven ISTs from 26 nations auditioned via email and the internet to earn a spot on the band. National Jamborees in the United States have had Jamboree Bands, but this is the first time bringing musicians from all over the globe to perform together. Unlike the US National Jamboree Bands, which are made up of mostly youth scouts, the Inaugural World Jamboree Band is made up of adult volunteers, occasionally joined by a youth scout.

Daniel K, USA 117, is one of those scouts stepping up to play trumpet with the band. He laughed as he retold the story of coming to Jamboree. “My Mom asked about bringing my trumpet and I didn’t think it was a good idea.” Looks like Mom may have had the right idea!

Three bands go out to a performance – the Pep Band, Wind Band, and Rock Band. Each are led by one of the band directors Craig Risner, Mike Corrigan, or Steve Riley; occasionally Denver Laabs, the Lead Director. All four are eagle scouts and have even performed as a horn quartet, the “Four Eagles.”

Corrigan, the “Horn Doctor,” got in touch with the Boy Scouts to start forming the World Jamboree Band. “When I was a young guy, I attended the ‘97 national jamboree. And I was a musician and I didn’t know the boy scouts had a band for the jamboree. So, when I found out about the world jamboree happening, I got all excited.”

One of the challenges of forming an international band for 14 days is access to band instruments. Luckily, Corrigan’s company BAC Musical Instruments and his partner RentMyInstrument.com were willing to sponsor the World Jamboree Band and loan a number of instruments for the performers. Bringing a personal instrument from overseas is not always easy to manage, being able to provide instruments such as a cello, tuba, piano on site makes the process a lot less stressful. “It was really fun to be able to provide all [the instruments] for kids didn’t expect they might be able to play,” Corrigan

None of the directors or band members knew each other before working in the band. The musicians from all the different countries are getting along and having a great time. Rehearsals last 4-6 hours a day with 1-3 performances. They all have fun learning about each other and cultures during these times. Very quickly, they have come together. The directors are full of praise for the band members, “The other staff members are fantastic people.” “Excellent Musicians – masters of their skill.” “Great people.”

Planning music for a diverse band with all sorts of instruments, the directors worked to bring fun music for everyone to enjoy and be able to sing along. The music performed is “put together great music that would feature both the pep band side and the wind band side.” Riley explains, “you’ll hear some good sing-along songs…no matter where you’re coming from whether be Switzerland or the United States, you’re going to know the tune.”

Join the fun and look for the Jamboree Band at your next Base Camp Bash!
Monday – Base Camp F
Tuesday – Base Camp A & B
Wednesday – Base Camp C & D

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