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IST Activities and Program

The IST Experience Team is here to make sure you, and thus the participants, have a memorable time at the Jamboree. Base Camp Ephesus will be our home during this jamboree. When you have time off, we will ensure you have every opportunity to meet with ISTs from around the world and make many new forever friends. Here are some of the things we have planned for you!

In Our Base Camp and Subcamps

Activities at Ephesus include a cinema, gym, music tent, meet-and-greet tent, Finnish sauna, yoga classes, Rainbow Café, various sporting tournaments (football [soccer], rugby, basketball, baseball, and others), a quiet tent, and the opportunity to take part in a special award for IST members. There will also be a stage for various entertainment opportunities. Join us for the IST opening ceremony and the final farewell gathering.

Specific activities include:

Yoga Tent (open daily from 6 am to 10 pm): Use the yoga tent on your own or join a session.

  • Morning sessions: 6-6:30 am and 8-8:45 am
  • Evening sessions: 6-6:45 am and 7-7:45 pm.

The Gym (open daily from 6 am to 10 pm): Did you miss a workout? Come to the gym!

  • Circuit training 7-7:45 am and 7-7:45 pm.

Rainbow Cafe (open daily from 10 am to 10 pm): Everybody is welcome to the Rainbow Café. Come have a coffee, enjoy fun activities, share your story on a story wall, make our own rainbow bracelets, find a penpal. On Friday evening, join us for a pub quiz, from 8 pm. Prizes for the winner and best team name.

The Suana (open daily from 11 am to 9 pm): Saunas are used all over the world, but the Finns have truly entwined them in their national culture. The Finnish contingent has brought a sauna to us. Walk-ins are welcome. For group reservations, book at

Sports Field:Join us from noon to 5 pm for the Scout Olympic Games. Be part of the competition or cheer on your contingent.

Across the Summit Bechtel Reserve

Of course, you do not have to stay in Base Camp Ephesus during your free time. ISTs can visit any expo tent, engage with visitor activities, receive guided tours around the site, and perhaps even get the opportunity to go river rafting or participate in Mt. Jack (see IST Experience HQ for sign-ups). High-adventure activities are reserved for participants unless there is no line and you are on your day off. This and other special program opportunities will be announced by IST Experience and is at the sole discretion of the program activity area.

Off-Site in the Local Community

The IST Experience Team is offering the “IST Offsite Program”, as part of the International Staff Team experience in the 24th World Scout Jamboree. This program will start on 24 July. Please read the following instructions and then place your order online.

Tickets will be available for purchase at 12 am, on 23 July at If you can’t access the Internet, the IST Experience Office located in Echo HQ can help you to place your order.

View all of the off-site tours.

Earn the IST Superstar Award

Youth participants will be scrambling all over the Jamboree site to earn digital badges as part of the Novus: Jamboree Wide Game. But ISTs can join the fun too! Search for the “IST Superstar Award” in your Novus: Jamboree Wide Game app to earn points and complete requirements toward this special recognition. However, failure to show up to work as scheduled will disqualify you for this recognition, meaning that the IST Superstar Award is a valuable symbol of your service to the jamboree. Once you have completed the necessary requirements, stop by the Ephesus HQ to pick up your award medallion!

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