The 24th World Scout Jamboree will bring together over 45,000 Scouts from around the world. This makes us one of the largest cities in West Virginia, which means that we need to offer all of the public services that a typical community has. This includes a security force, medical services, food distribution, cultural and recreational events, and countless other types of staff. How will we know who is who?

As the International Service Team (IST), we will all wear a unified color neckerchief, wristband, and lanyard. These items are part of our official World Scout Jamboree credentials. You will also receive a jamboree staff shirt. The neckerchief, wristband, lanyard, and shirt are included in your IST fee and will be provided to you when you check in at the jamboree. [The jamboree leadership team will have different colored neckerchiefs to help make them visible, while medical staff will use special neckerchiefs to know who has certain permissions.]

Your work team may also offer custom clothing or accessories for purchase. These team-specific shirts, badges, or any other custom items are fully optional. If you are not interested or cannot afford to purchase these items, there is no problem – they are not required. Teams have offered these items because IST have expressed interest. Some teams simply want to be more visible, while other want offer their members a special keepsake. However, you will never be forced to purchase these items and we do not want you to feel pressured. The official credentials of neckerchief, wristband, and lanyard, as well as a staff shirt, will be provided to you as part of your IST fee.

Check with your work supervisors for additional information about the uniforming guidelines your team may have.

IST Support Team
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