Hi! I’m here again, I wanna talk about the inauguration day. The morning started off really well, I woke up and I had my breakfast. Then I remembered that that day was the day. I was late because I didn’t know the way yet, I kept running the whole time, if you saw a girl with dyed hair running, it was most likely me, HAHAHA.

Well, when I got to the place, all the ambassadors were already there. I was waiting for the leaders and while I was there, I met my friend Ariana again, she is peruvian too. We were laughing and talking for a while, then everyone started walking, we were confused, and only followed the line. We knew more countries there, we said ‘Hello” to everyone who passed in front of us! It was so funny.

We waited for a long time, so we started talking with the ambassadors from Taiwan, they were really nice to us. Next, the leaders said there’s no more flags for us, we were really sad because we really wanted to participate in this amazing event!

Some IST were cool and said hes gonna do everything he can for us to be in the presentation next to everything, and yes, he did, we were in the FRONT of all the flags.

When I thought nothing could get more impressive, the original singer Lebo M, sang “the circle of life”. I am a disney lover, when i realized he was here I remembered my whole childhood, and since we were in front we saw all of the 50,000 scouts there, it was more than special.

When the flag parade was over, my new friends and me waited (again), we were waiting for our country’s show on the screen, I really love Peru, it’s a lovely country, all the people are nice with everyone.

After that, from all of the emotions and screaming, they gave us food in a little buffet, then we came back to our place next to the peruvian delegation, only for us to notice that “Bear Grylls” was here too. Can you imagine how I felt? That day was the best day of my scout life, I’ll never forget, and i’m ready to tell my group in peru and everyone what I have seen.

Bear Grylls gave us a message, a very moving one, one that made us realize that all of this, is an opportunity. An opportunity to see things differently, to do good and share thoughts, cultures, customs, things that in our homes isn’t easy to do. The words that he gave us stayed in my mind, and they made me understand what I’m actually doing here, it’s something that will make an impact on all of our futures. We all love Bear Grylls <3 Everyone was more than excited and happy to be here.

Then it happened, the drone show, omg the drone show. The suspense, the emotion, the mystery, the screams of everyone, more than 133 countries in one. And then all of us together, saying directly “We’re making the world a better place”.

When everything finally ended, the happiness did not leave, all of the countries in one, singing, laughing, sharing “Novus”, speaking in your own language and no one understanding, seeing patches that you wish to trade and see the world differently, that we’re all different but we can like the same things, some know how to play guitar, others know how to draw, and others know how to make the rest laugh, these are some of the differences that make the Jamboree special, and we shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and we’ll see each other soon!

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