Jamboree is starting to reach it’s end and I’m still trying to capture all this to my memory. At the morning we walked around the center and just looked all the fun things jamboree has to offer. We went to the campstore to buy last souvenirs and went to do some short activities. We also found some guy, who was playing a saxophone! That was quite amusing coincidence, because I also play it.

At the afternoon I went to this GLOBE leadership activity. It was an escape room, but when we were in there, the instructors watched us via cameras and analyzed our leadership types. The first room was a forest, and we needed to find a code to get to the other room, which was a ranger station. There were lots of different tasks. We needed for example look writings from the walls with an UV-light. It’s fantastic that they can do such rooms in the scout camp. After we got out of there (almost 10 minutes before the time ended!) the instructors told us our leadership types. We discussed about every types positive and negative sides. It was really eye-opening experience!

Before dinnerwe had our own ending party with all the ambassadorsFour other ambassadors and couple ambassador leaders gave us incredible speeches.They were super beautifulWe also got our ambassador neckers and took a grouppicture. It was so nice but still quite sadbecause on the next day we would leave and not see each others anymore (at least so often😉). gave many hugs to my new friends and with many of themwe promised to see again some day. I would really recommend ambassador program to everybody, it lets you to enjoy jamboree on a whole another level. Plus, you get soooo many new friends!<3

– Aada





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