As we head into the second half of the Jamboree, it will not be long before we prepare to return home. However, before we all return home, your IT/Communications group wants to make sure you are aware we have well over $3 million worth of radios, cellphones, and computer equipment around the Summit that we need to recover and return to vendors.

Here is where you say “WOW, how can I help?” We are glad you asked!

Inventory your equipment and compare it to the IT Bill of Material that was provided to you by IT/COM. If you need a new copy, please contact IT/COM at [email protected] or +1-304-329-1029

Once you have gathered all your equipment, please put it back in the tan totes that were provided by IT/COM. Please include all power cables for phones, radios, printers, and computers.

Once your equipment is in the totes, please bring it to the IT/COM HQ at Jabmboree HQ at Pigott. We will be open from 7:00 to 19:00 daily for returns. Please contact +1-304-329-1029 for questions.

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