Congratulations!! You have arrived at the jamboree!!

However, not all of us have had the most pleasant trips and arrivals… (you can assume that for us too😅) and I thought “A Series of Unfortu2nate Events” was just a comic series😑.
If you happen to be one of those who had a rough start, know that you’re not the only one! Heres a couple of tips on how to reboot your Jambo mood and catch up with the vibe:
1. Forgive and Forget:
    Now here’s the right time to say YOLO😅. We shall move on my friend…. you don’t have time to waste at a place like this, try your best to focus on the moment and what to come instead of being mad at the past.
2. Walk around:
   Face it, the world around you is amazing. There’s a whole lot to explore. Take a walk with a friend or solo, and try to appreciate the little things around you. Stare at the stars, gaze at the hills… I guarantee you’ll meet some random people along the way so why not give it a shot?
3. Be grateful:
   A good thing to remember when roaming around West Virginia is that only 40,000 scouts are attending the jamboree. That’s less than 0.09% of the over 50 million scouts worldwide. We shall acknowledge that we are extremely lucky, millions of people would have wished to be in our place. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that you set your goal to make good use of your opportunity.
4. Surround yourself with great people:
    Let me set this straight: YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE TO BE HAPPY. However, it is quite pleasant to create memories with other individuals… You might think that you wouldn’t meet again, but scouts do really have a magical bond, you might as well give it a shot… (I reunited with my close friend Zoe from Cyprus after seeing her last at the First International DESMOS Camp in 2017… and that really made my day.)
  As a concluding thought, all I was trying to say is quite simple: have a great jamboree no matter how this had started, you get to write your own story here, make it a best seller!!!
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