How is a day in the jamboree like?
Everyone starts their day in a different hour but we all have to go to the supermarket to get breakfast and lunch , which is open from 5-8 am. We eat breakfast,take lunch with us and head out for the day.
We have already picked the activities we’re gonna do, so the walking and waiting starts. None of them are bad cause you get to see a lot of people, trade stuff and play. If you’re lucky enough or started for an activity really early, you’ll be able to do a second one before lunch. Actually you decide when you are going to eat but most of us have dinner around 7 so you can’t eat lunch at 4. Up to 5, you can go to any activity you want.
We usually go to some food houses in the evening or visit non adventure spots like the world point. When we get back in subcamp, it’s time to shower, cook, eat and hit the stage. Every night up to today, there has been a show in our campsite stage.
 Around 22:30 everything is over and we can have some rest to start all over again.
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