Well how to let all the people all around the world, know about the amazing experience that just some of the few scouts from the whole world had the opportunity to live. I was one of those scouts! And today I will try to explain and let people around the world see true my eyes what the jamboree looked like, and how amazing it was to live such an experience.

For me it all started in the early morning of the 21st of July, when we all met at the airport in Naples, Italy. You can’t even imagine how excited we all were. We got in the airport, and obviously the day started with the first misadventure, the plane was four hours late, but we got through it with a smile and singing as loud as we could. We missex 2 connections but we finally got where we had to get to. We reached the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and there all of the emotion started, we were all so emotional looking at all the scouts walking in the rain, completely soaked but happy, there was even a boy that had his slippers on.😂

We built the camp in the rain, then we were completely soaked too, we got ourselves dry and then we got wet again helping the Fins build their camp. It was so much fun, a girl wore my jacket for 3 full days.
The days started passing by so fast that it is even hard to let you know all the things we did. On the first day it was amazing I went to my first global ambassador meeting, and I met all of the guys that represented their countries, they were all so nice. At night you can’t imagine how emotional it was listening to Bear Grylls speaking. And then having fun with all the other scouts,singing together, dancing for the whole time, it was great, like thinking of an actual melting pot of scouts, all together.🔝

The next days we had so many adventures, I had some really nice experiences with the global ambassadors, we actually did the Big Zip, you know it was the biggest zip line in the world. It was hard to get up, But it was so so satisfying. Over the next few days it was full days of amazing activities, swapping things with the other country’s and meating new friends. I had dinner with the Maltese, and it was one of the best nights ever, we went to a concert and I even got one of the tops that they threw from the stage, because yes they did, they threw tops from the stage, I was so happy!😁

We went round the different country tents, learning lots of things about other cultures. Me and some of my friends had dinner with the English, and then they came over to our camp and we started a huge party with the chinese, the Finnish, the Belgian and the Paraguayans came, we made so much noise and you couldn’t see where the party started ir ended.💫

I discovered how much I love Canadian cold coffee, and I even had crickets, they were actually very nice. The fun I had in this place was something I probably won’t experience for a long time anywhere else I go.
We had contingent a party and as many of you can imagine, we got completely soaked because it started raining…….again, but it was great fun, then we ran to get some shelter and we met other Italians and we started singing and even the Africans started screaming with us, it was great. We Italians were really loud at the jamboree you know! Every time we met we started screaming:ITALIANs CLAP YOUR HANDS, four or five times and we all clapped our hands, and everyone looked at us, it was so funny.🇮🇹

The days went by and we continued to play, run, have fun and adventures and misadventures, with the sun and with the rain.☀️

The jamboree was one of the best experiences of my life, and it opened my eyes to a bigger world, a bigger future. I realized how all of us are so similar and so amazing together and not so far apart. We realized of how together we can do so many things, we can make a better future. So all of you, that may or may not read this with an open heart and mind, listen up! we are all the same, and we will always be. The colour of skin, or the colour of eyes, different cultures and different languages. But in the end, the colour of our blood is always the samet and so are our hearts and minds. So please reflect, think of how this world can be better if we are all one!!

Nicole Italy

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