I wake up at the crack of dawn, (after pressing the snooze button a couple times) and I immediately put my swimming costume on. I venture out of my campsite and have a lengthy, refreshing walk to the Water Reality Course. This is where I meet my fellow ambassadors, and we prepare to complete the course.

After being briefed on safety and the workings of the course, we have a countdown and we are off. First obstacle was a cylindrical foam tube, resembling a punching bag that spins in the water. In a team of 4, the team has to get all members over it. Next was an inflatable obstacle that looks like a 3 fingered hand from the side. For this obstacle, you go 2 people at a time, and once the team members are over the second theoretical-finger, the obstacle flips.

Next is the iceberg- a massive inflatable white block that looks like an iceberg, which you climb up. Don’t be fooled- it’s harder than it looks. Unfortunately I was wearing shoes, and so I could not use my feet to climb, as they did not fit, and so I tired myself out. After reaching the top, you slide down the side.

After skidding across a plastic foam cylinder and running across a foam mat, the teams time is stopped when all hands are touching the platform.

I thoroughly enjoyed the water course, but was very tired afterwards. I 100% would do it again!

I briskly walked back to camp, packed my bag and walked straight up a mountain rain to Mount Jack. The walk was beautiful, and was mostly through the forest.

At the top, we ate lunch and continued on to do the spartan race. The Spartan Race is a mile run with a couple obstacles to get over, including a hurdle, a rope climb and even carrying sandbags for a part of it. There was an option to do a second mile, but my patrol was exhausted, so we chose not to. We received an awesome “Dog-tag” with the Jamboree emblem and branding on it, which we all wear with pride.

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