Despite the rain, 24 flags from all of the world’s jamborees were raised at the 24th World Scout Jamboree!

The first World Scout Jamboree was held in 1920 in England. On Monday, 22 July 2019, we celebrated the opening of the 24th World Scout Jamboree. This was done by hoisting 24 flags from all of the World Scout Jamborees that have been held.

The plan was that participants from the host countries of the World Scout Jamborees would wear their uniforms and hoist the flags. Unfortunately, a thunder warning was sent out via the jamboree app right before the ceremony began, and soon it was pouring down with rain. Therefore, because of the rain, the ceremony was delayed.

Luckily, the rain stopped quickly, and the flag ceremony began. First, three Scouts played a short song on their trumpets. After some short speeches, an IST from United Kingdom began hoisting the flag from the 1st World Jamboree. Then a Danish IST hoisted the flag from the 2nd World Jamboree (which was held in Denmark).

And so it continued until the flag from the current jamboree was hoisted, followed by the Summit Bechtel Reserve flag. Last but not least, the purple WOSM flag was hoisted while the trumpets were playing, and while everyone saluted the flag.

You can go and see the flags at Legacy Village, close to Brownsea Island.

List of the World Scout Jamborees:

1920, 1st WSJ: United Kingdom with 8,000 participants.

1924, 2nd WSJ: Denmark with 4,549 participants.

1929, 3rd WSJ: United Kingdom with 50,000 participants.

1933, 4th WSJ: Hungary with 25,792 participants.

1937, 5th WSJ: Netherlands with 28,750 participants.

No Jamborees because of the second world war.

1947, 6th WSJ: France with 24,152 participant (The theme of this jamboree was very fitting: “Jamboree of Peace”).

1951, 7th WSJ: Austria with 12,884 participants.

1955, 8th WSJ: Canada with 11,139 participants.

1957, 9th WSJ: United Kingdom with 31,426 participants.

1959, 10th WSJ: Philippines with 12,203 participants.

1963, 11th WSJ: Greece with 11,398 participants.

1967, 12th WSJ: United States with 12,011 participants.

1971, 13th WSJ: Japan with 23,758 participants.

1975, 14th WSJ: Norway with 17,259 participants.

1979, 15th WSJ: Iran – cancelled because of the Iranian Revolution.

1983, 15th WSJ: Canada with 14,752 participants.

1987-1988, 16th WSJ: Australia with 14,434 participants (Was held from December to January because it was held during the Australian summer).

1991, 17th WSJ: South Korea with 19,083 participants.

1995, 18th WSJ: Netherlands with 28,960 participants.

1998-1999, 19th WSJ: Chile with 31,534 participants (held from December to January during the Chilean summer).

2002-2003, 20th WSJ: Thailand with 24,000 participants (held from December to January during the Thai summer).

2007, 21st WSJ: United Kingdom with 37,868 participants.

2011, 22nd WSJ: Sweden with 40,061 participants.

2015, 23rd WSJ: Japan with 33,628 participants.

2019, 24th WSJ: United States with approximately 45,000 participants.

2023, 25th WSJ: South Korea. The theme will be “Draw Your Dream.”

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