The Mount Jack is a trail of about km long. It is seen as being one of the toughest activity proposed. Along with my unit , we set on for the starting point at 8.00 in the morning , passed through the base camp Alpha to reach there one and a half hour later.

At first the level of difficulty was mild. Nevertheless, on our way, we’ve encountered some issues ; one of our members got an asthma attack! All set again, we resumed our paths.
Gradually the track began to harden. The efforts were doubled since the topography and the climate were playing against us.


We reached the summit of the Summit at about noon; exhausted but at the same time proud of our success. The first reaction was to lie of the ground and lunch.
On top, a wide range of traditional activities were organised namely; a session with the swordsmith, weight throwing, thug of war and Scottish games.


That was a golden opportunity for us to switch from our virtual games and set into the adventure of lost traditions. The Scottish playing bagpipe opposite the thug of war stand had pulled us back in time.

Picture 3:

The return journey was paradoxically easier despite knowing that it was the very same road we had taken for the ascent . At the end, muscular pain was dominating us but we had done it! THE MOUNT JACK HAD BEEN DEFEATED!

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