After months of excitement and anticipation, we have finally arrived on the jamboree site- and it’s even more enormous then I imagined. I started my day out by getting lost on my way to the ambassador headquarters, and then got lost again multiple times throughout the day. This morning we had a meeting for all the global ambassadors, and the excitement in the room was contagious. By the end of it we all had new friendships and big smiles. I followed the meeting up by getting lost again! When I finally found my way to the global development village, I spent a while wandering through the cultures that surrounded me, learning about different countries and exchanging pieces of culture with scouts from all over the world. The global ambassadors had the incredible chance to be flag bearers at the opening ceremony, and marching through the enormous crowd while scouts from different places cheered and shouted was an experience I will never forget. I watched the ceremony from next to the stage, and all the happy faces that clapped and sang and smiled made me even more excited to experience this jamboree. On the way back from the ceremony, I swapped gear and met new people, and I even found my way back to our site without getting lost. All in all, my first day at the jamboree was fantastic, and I can’t wait for more to come!


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