More than 150 countries, 45, 0000 scouts from all around the world…

The 2019 World Scout Jamboree has officially started.
The opening ceremony had arrived,…
As an honor to be a global ambassador, I was able to represent to carry the country flag of “Senegal”. As I stepped into the ceremony, seeing every scouts honored to be representing their own countries each with their own special neckerchief and uniforms, with excitement, joy each with great energy and exhilaration, I myself too also had that thrilling excitement. The moment i was waiting for the whole year had finally arrived. And it was implausible, it was astonishing it was awesome. From the flag entrance to the South Africans dancing, from introducing the countries to the drone show, the dances, until the last lights… all that cheer, all that joy, it was amazing to see that one big scout promise in front of me, the promise we all scouts have in us, all the scouts being as one.
The last lights were off the the ceremony had ended, I spoke to myself…”It’s honestly just mesmerizing and incredible to a scout.”
Taiwan contingent getting ready for the opening ceremony!!
Honored to be a scout!
The Senegal flag I had carried during they open ceremony
The incredible drown show officially opening the 2019 world scout jamboree
Getting excited for the scout jamboree!!
Yes. The moment I was waiting for the moment we were waiting for, 24th world jamboree has officially started!!!
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