Hej alli zema, Hallo iedereen!

Or simply hi everybody!

Tonight we did something special as Lara, one of the Dutch Global Ambassors, came and ate with my unit. Usually, we just eat with our own units, so it was a lot of fun to get to know her a little bit better.

This night was different from other nights. I, Lara, usually eat with my own unit but this night I went and ate with one of the Swiss units. It was really nice, because I got to meet other people and I got to know Nadja a bit better which was really fun.

We started the evening talking about different topics until the dinner was ready. We covered themes like scouting in both of our countries, how sunburned we both are and what we have been up to today.

The night started with talking. We just talked until dinner was served. We talked about a lot of different things like the fact that we’re both a little sunburned and we also talked about our day.

But because we could eat, our leaders gave us some important information about tomorrow’s Culture Day and we sang one of our usual songs that we sing before each meal. Since it was in Swiss German, I quickly tried to translate the essence of what they said for Lara.

Right before dinner, one of the unit leaders started to give some information. I couldn’t quite follow because well, I’m not a Swiss person. Nadja translates it for me so I could understand it. Then the unit started to sing a song that they sing before every meal. Then dinner was served. We had rice with some vegetables and chicken and it was delicious. After that everyone could get some Oreos or nut bars which were the leftovers from that day.

Dinner was simple, just some rice, chicken and vegetables, but nonetheless delicious. Since we didn’t have enough, so we ate some cookies.

It was a lot of fun, getting to know Lara, hearing some things about scouting in the Netherlands and just learning something about her country.

It was a really nice evening and I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to eat with another unit and of course, to get to know Nadja a bit better and learn some things about Switzerland.

Tschüss zema und bis morn, doei iedereen en tot morgen!

Or simply goodbye everyone and see you tomorrow!

Lara, the Dutch Global Ambassador on the left and Nadja, the Swiss Global Ambassador on the right.

Kind regards,

Nadja and Lara

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