I woke up to swollen feet on Tuesday. From running around the summit in semi dry shoes for the whole of Monday. Unable to walk, I did not only miss the special Global Ambassador Program (a conversation with an astronaut from NASA and going on the Big Zip), but I also was stuck to my campsite the whole of yesterday.\

In the evening my unit finally found a solution: putting me into one of the carts. Like that they pulled me to the base camp bash at F, where I enjoyed the performance of mountain heart from the perspective of the cart.

Today my feet were a whole lot better but I still had to be carried quite a lot. I drew a painting in front of the Global Ambassadors Tent and met up with a friend I know from Austria.

In the evening I was able to participate in the talent show of our base camp F with an original song, of which I’m hoping to upload a video soon.

On the culture day I was finally able to walk again. Me and my friends walked around base camp F and D, trying all the different kinds of foods and making friends with Americans from Texas and Scouts from Switzerland.


A blog post about the show is still to come!


Maya Levine

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