Day 5: 27 Jul

Today was a little bit less hectic than some of the other days, but it still definitely had its excitements.

I slept in until breakfast, which is later than any other day- just shows how tired I am. I didn’t have any plans other than the base camp bash (it’s a concert that happens for each base camp and there’s one most nights), so I set off for world point with a bunch of my friends and we went and saw some things and got henna at the Indian tent.

After that we headed back to camp and got some food at legacy village on the way. Now would probably be a good time to mention that one of my friends sprained her ankle a couple of days ago and is now walking around in a boot and crutches, which is really unfortunate. Anyway, as we were walking to camp somebody walking by accidentally kicked her boot which made her trip and put her in a world of pain. I went to the information desk and they called her a medical vehicle- unfortunately it was not one of he cool army medical vehicles going around but instead one of the little golf buggies.

When they left I met up with a group of boys from my troop who were heading back up the way we came, and we all went to have a look at all of the merch at the trading post- unfortunately I was too broke to buy anything, but I did get a bandana earlier in the week. I really want one of the world scouting hoodies, so if anyones willing to swap one (or shout one) let me know!

We also stopped in at the Australian pavilion to have a chat to the guys there, and I had some vegemite, which is something I’ve been missing. 

When I got back to camp I took my shoes off and realised that the sore spots that I had been overlooking have blossomed into some impressive blisters, so walking’s a bit painful!

At night we went to the C-D base camp bash, which was really cool. It was basically just lots of loud music and excited people, but it was fun, and I met Batman. Or, more accurately, I met an American in a Batman costume. Still cool though.

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