As an ambassador, I got the chance to visit the “Globe Leadership experience”. We all met at 11:30am even though the Leadership Experience started at 12:00pm to make sure that everyone was here. While we waited we could fill a survey out that told us what kind of leader we are. This survey took about twenty minutes. So when we were finished we only had to wait another ten minutes.
I was so glad that I could ho there because all I knew about it was that it was similar to an escape room. I’ve been to an escape room once before so I was so happy that I got the chance to do it again.
We went in, watched a short Video about some historical informations about the scouts and their leadership before we started to solve our first task. We were given an Ipad by our guide that had a lot of adjectives on it that discribed plenty of characteristics of a leader. We had to decide whether these characteristics were positive or negative. The task wasn’t that hard but there were some tricky adjectives that we had to discuss a lot before we could decide if it was positive or not. For example: “honest”. We thought that a leader should be honest and truthful but otherwise if someone is too honest they could might hurt someone by saying what they think.
We still managed to put them all into the right category and then we could finally go into the escape room.
Our situation was that we were stuck in a train cabinet but no one knew that we were there (because we didn’t buy a ticket). Suddenly our part of the train goes a wrong way and now we have to find our way out before we crash.
We had 25minutes to solve it but when we were finished we still had 8min left. It was a lot of fun because we all had to work together and listen what the other’s ideas were. I think we did pretty good and we also kind of grew together as a team.

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