Today, I was planning on sleeping in, maybe doing my laundry or something but mainly, I just wanted to rest up. A vast majority of my unit left to go rafting so our camp was calm and silent yet I was still disturbed from my rest by checking my schedule and finding out that the Global Development Village experience was actually about to be today, not tomorrow as I thought. Yay… Fortunately, I realized soon enough to be able to make it on time. I went to have a very quick shower and did my laundry and went over to the Summit center where we met up with the other ambassadors. I also managed to trade a pretty cool t-shirt so that made me happy! 🙂

Then, we made our way over to the Global Development Village. We attended a live skype call with a young refugee from Syria whose name is Omar. He lives in Finland now and wants to become and engineer one day. It is his dream to return to Syria once the war is over because he deems it to be the most beautiful country in the world. What we got to hear from him was super inspirational, especially regarding he’s just twelve. We got to have a conversation with him and ask whatever we wanted to know. So it was definitely a better time spent than if I stayed back the whole day. I’m really glad I went! Then, I decided to go to a workshop organized by HeForShe, which is a project initiated by UN. It encourages people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women while creating a stronger bond between each other as well as a better world. We got split up into groups and were asked to list stereotypes associated with genders along with ideas on how to break them. It was a really interesting experience and, yet again, I also got to meet a lot of super cool new people. I can’t believe how fast jamboree is passing by!

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