Being the global ambassador of Mauritius was no less than a privilege for me to bring my small native island on an international platform and make people discover who we are. Global ambassadors were like journalists of the world scout jamboree. Through us, the world was living the jamboree. On the eve of the official closing ceremony scheduled on the 2nd of August, a closing ceremony was specially organised for global ambassadors as a token of gratitude for the outstanding work accomplished by all of us. Despite the scorching heat, we were all present under that white tent. The invitations for global ambassadors were extended to one leader and a buddy.

At about 15 30, the ceremony started. It began with a brief speech of Joe(one of the initiator of the global ambassador project) . That was followed by 4 incredible speeches namely from: Annabel from Australia, Ali from Egypt, Leona from Malaysia and Fauz from Pakistan. The little messages delivered by each member of the organising committee had somehow or another motivated us to pursue our journey in scouting and propagate this spirit and culture which Lord Robert Smith Stephenson Baden Powell had legged to us.

Later, we were awarded our global ambassador neckerchiefs, the one for which all of us had strived since the beginning of the jamboree! Knowing that we were only a handful out of 45500 scouts to have that pepper mint scarf had pulled us out of the crowd.

The ceremony came to an end at about 17 00 with a feeling of rejoice and a deep sense of belonging to the scout movement.

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