This was an awesome day! At first, I went to this canopy tour. It was amazing! I’m a bit scared of heights, but I decided to be brave and go! At the first zipline I was SUPER NERVOUS! I was standing on the edge of starting place. This man who was working there was just saying to me that it will be great and i will survive from it. After his encouragement, I was ready to go. And it was so worth it!!! I was sliding through the trees and seeing the beautiful sunrise from the high angle. I think it was one of the best experiences at the Jamboree. This far 🙂

After that I went to scuba diving with my friends. It was so much fun! Before this I have thought that it would be cool to go diving, but I have been bit scared going to deep water. But we got a teacher who advised us how the equipment work. After that I was so confident and excited, and I had great time while diving and looking the treasures they had on the bottom.

When we were done with the diving we had a little lunch break. Then we went to try climbing walls. There were different kinds of walls. Some of them were harder and some of them were mented for the first-timers, so they were quite easy. At first I went couple easy ones, but then I continued to the harder ones. I have been climbing few times before but never outside. The whole experience was so cool, because it felt more like you would have been climbing on a real mountain. The wall was shaped as a mountain and because you could feel the sun and hear the sounds of nature while climbing. It was such an amazing feeling.

I returned to camp, my hands all tired from the climbing. I chatted with my friends for a while, and then we went to this great english coffee place to have some chips. There was a party going on, and there were so much people dancing. Great music was playing, and everybody were dancing and singing along. I think it was a perfect ending for an awesome day

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