It is nearing the end of the Jamboree and everyone is busy trying to get a piece of the Jamboree back home. Bringing home some souvenirs can be really expensive at times and it would be a shame if there was nothing we could bring home.

Worry not because the World Point has tons of free stuff to offer. Some of the items you can get are:

Lanyards (Australia and Malta)
Wristbands (Mauritius, Egypt and Portugal)
Glowing wristband (Australia)
Patches/Badges (Bolivia and Malaysia)
Neckerchief/Scarf (Qatar)
Chicharra [Toy] (Chile)
Luggage Tag (Taiwan)
Origami (Japan)
Stickers (Poland and Argentina)

The list goes on and this is not even half of what you can get. But remember: you would need more than half the day to visit all the tents and participate in the activities to obtain some of them. Grab them quickly while stocks last.

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